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I will trust in you as you in me and I thank the Angels in heaven for bringing you into my life. I’ve been thinking about all the stuff we can do together to get to know one another. The beach, room service, going to the gym(which I need to start doing, lol), getting to take you to the movies and having fun with the sensitivity and lust of each other’s company.
To let you know, you have no obligation to wed me. Though the thought of you in my life has my mind swim with happiness and grace. You trusting me and you finding in your heart and soul that you have found someone special who you feel can make your life wonderful warms my heart and brings a hope I haven’t felt in years. You have magic.
I have a niece and nephew and after my nieces catechism last year, that she personally invited me too, I had a dream one night and I ended up writing an epic Christmas novel. I’m finishing the editing as we speak.
I do enjoy children and know you will be a wonderful mother. If all goes well between us, I hope to be a wonderful father. But in my heart I would seek to be your wonderful husband for the rest of my life. As to not get too ahead of myself I will change gears.
I will tell you a little more about myself.
I was raised by a single parent and my mom struggled but we managed. I did have a Stepdad for a short while but he used my mom. In high school I had my opportunity taken from me from violence that occurred. I did graduate but I was being prepped for a scholarship and because of circumstances it was lost. I did however graduate. I then worked in the oilfields in construction, installed insulation into homes. During that time from 17 - 20 my peers ended up using my kind nature as a way to use me socially in a way that wasn’t suitable for friendship. I was also used for money because I was a worker.
I then moved to Colorado, which I found to be a beautiful place. It was hard financially living paycheck to paycheck but I managed. I worked full time, got certified for a trade as a telephone installation technician, and was certified at QWEST communications in Denver, CO. My girlfriend at the time was Mormon and we got along together quite well. She went away to BYU. I chose not to have a long distance relationship. The odds of wedding someone after two years of college didn’t seem reasonable considering the odds of her meeting someone who was an equal or greater and to not marry me, weren’t good odds. I then met someone who wanted me more than anything. She deceived me to support her lifestyle. Despite being thankful of meeting someone who was truly a special woman the relationship destroyed me. I’m a trauma victim and I live with the fear of being hurt and losing everything all over again. That was back in 2004. My Mormon girlfriend, then wanted to be in my life and because of the trauma I lost her. I didn’t know why I kept asking her questions. It was because I feared her. I lost a special woman in 2005. Since then I haven’t dated. I have recovered and feel the warmth of your words and loving spirit and it washes away a lot of doubt that I’ve had as well as the frustration with my life and humanity. I made the mistake to trust the United States government in 2006. After 5 medical visits my medical history disappeared after I was told to leave with everyone in the lobby. The government of California needed to save money. I disappeared logistically. I had an agreement with privacy and property with the government and they got rid of my records. I was living with my mom and brother at the time because of losing everything. To make a long story short, the system then used me and a physician used me like an experiment. It effected my life in a negative way.
Mind you, I’m a Christian author. A theorist in physics. I’m an animal lover. And boy do I hope to have the opportunity to take you to the zoo.
I’m actually a kind soul and I was treated like I was disposable. Not worth the time of day.
I had PTSD and was disabled.
I no longer am on disability but I do have a disadvantage because of the trauma experienced.
My trust in people and humanity was shaken to the core.
You are a ray of sunshine and you are the one I’ve been waiting for all these years.
I wanted to let you know this because it effected my life so deeply and so tragically that sometimes I fear the memories, which has me fear humanity at times.
Your warmth, your light, has shed away these fears. And I promise you, I will do everything in my means to keep you happy, healthy, safe, and filled with joy.
After hearing this and you feel pensive I understand that I took the chance to tell you and did so out of good faith and love. I’m a very understanding man.
Hannah, my sweetheart, Southern Bell. If I had a bomber I’d paint you on it.
You have wonderful day, stay safe, and I will be awaiting your correspondence with loving anticipation.
Thank you for being you.

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